NTN EST OÜ pays attention to safety measures for objects and organization of the work to insure protection of environment and our employees. Together with our customers and partners NTN also endeavors to take preventive measures to meet those requirements.

NTN EST OÜ carries out systematic work to meet the requirements established by authorities for insuring health care of employees, environmental safety and general regulations in our sector.

NTN EST OÜ meets all requirements of tax laws and environmental safety norms where the question is in profession of an employee or their social rights.


NTN EST OÜ was founded under the name of Chr. Jensen in 1996 as a pure forwarding company that only arranged delivery, storage and distribution of goods, booked and controlled by Chr. Jensen in Denmark in a first stage. 2006 Chr. Jensen was sold to NTN Group in Norway.

Starting from 2008 Chr. Jensen Estonia gained it's mother company name NTN. Today NTN EST OÜ is an independant company acting as NVO freight forwarder.

NTN is a member of Estonian Freight Forwarder’s Association. Member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FIATA and IATA.